1.Merchandise either cut to your order, special ordered or allocated for you from our inventory is not subject to cancellation, refund or exchange, color and design may vary, 50% deposit is required to process the order. There is an upcharge of 3 % for all American Express transactions.

2.The approximate total is based on information supplied by purchaser. The total as shown on the official invoice copy will reflect Seller's actual measurements of the premises. A copy of the floor plan is available upon request.

3. No charge for measuring and estimating if order is CONSUMATED; otherwise a $50.00 FEE WILL BE CHARGED.

4. Purchaser must REMOVE old floor coverings in advance of the date of installation unless an Additional Labor Charge Therefore HAS Been Specified Above. Such Additional Labor Charge is for the Removal of the OLD Floor Covering From the Floor and NOT for Disposal, THIS is the Purchaser's Responsibility. If Necessary ALL Doors of the Rooms in Which Carpeting will be installed MUST BE CUT OFF at the Bottoms BY THE PURCHASER to Allow Enough Clearance for the Carpeting.

5. No floor coverings will be spread on Purchaser's floor unless specifically stated and/or charged for above.

6. Seller will not be liable for damages resulting from removal of furniture, moldings, doors, railings, radiators, saddles, or any other Building or apartment  after delivery, shall be borne by the purchaser. Seller is not responsible for soiling caused by anyone other than its own personnel.

7. Claim Must BE Made in Writing Within One Year From the Date of Delivery or Installation. ln No Event Shall Seller be liable for consequential or incidental damages. All claims will be deemed to have been satisfied if we replace or repair the floor coverings and Seller shall have no other responsibility or liability whatsoever. If replacement is required and the same coverings are unavailable, replacement with floor coverings of like quality shall be deemed satisfactory compliance with our warranty obligation.

8. Installation ls Guaranteed for One Year. There Will BE a Service Charge for Restretches and Repairs Thereafter at the Prevailing Labor Rates.

9. Under no circumstances will Seller be responsible for failure to fill any order or orders when due to fire, flood, riot, labor disputes or strikes, freight embargo or transportation delay, any existing or future laws or acts of any governmental instrumentality or agencies affecting its business, or any other cause beyond its reasonable control. Under no circumstances will Seller be responsible for failure to fill this order when due to discontinuance by the manufacturers of all or part of the merchandise ordered herein.

10. Merchandise will be stored for a maximum of four (4) months with a minimum deposit of fifty (50) percent. If merchandise is to be held beyond four (4) months the merchandise value must be paid in full and storage charges will accrue for each month and any fraction Thereof. If payment is not made as requested Seller shall retain deposit (s) as liquidated damages and Seller shall have no further obligation to Purchaser hereunder.

11. Prices set forth herein shall be subject to increase to cover any future sales, use or similar tax which may be applicable to the transaction prior to the date ofdelivery.

12. Payment is due prior to delivery of merchandise in cash or by certified or cashier's check.

13. lf a purchaser is in default in paying the Amount Owing Under This Agreement and the Matter Must be Referred to an Attorney for Collection, It is Further Agreed That an Attorney's FEE of 20% on the Outstanding Balance or Such Lesser SUM as IS Permitted by Law, and Other Costs Incurred in That Action or Proceeding Will BE DUE and Owing in Addition to the Balance.

14. Custom orders are not subject to cancellation. None custom cancelled orders are subject to a 30% restocking charge.

15.This invoice contains all the terms and conditions of the agreement of sales between Purchaser and Seller and no warranties, representations or agreements, verbal or in writing, shall be binding on either party unless set forth herein.


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